The 12 Rules of Respect

Meshanko presents 12 Rules of Respect that make surprisingly good sense. Examples illustrate and explain the dynamics taking place when we interact with people, and the reader is challenged to be curious about the perspectives of others. The 12 Rules of Respect are coupled with information on behavior change.

12 Rules of Respect

  1. Be aware of your nonverbal and extra-verbal cues
  2. Develop curiosity about the perspective of others
  3. Assume that everyone is smart about something
  4. Become a better listener by shaking your “but”
  5. Look for opportunities to connect with and support others
  6. When you disagree, explain why
  7. Look for opportunities to grow, stretch, and change
  8. Learn to be wrong on occasion
  9. Never hesitate to say you are sorry
  10. Intentionally engage others in ways that build their self-esteem
  11. Be respectful of time when making comments
  12. Smile!

The behavior patterns we use most often are the ones our brains are most skilled and efficient at using, even if they’re not the ones we desire. Our brains prefer to stick with tasks and behaviors that can be successfully performed with the least amount of effort.

How can we achieve lasting change?

The simple answer is practice. When we practice something new, especially when it’s driven by motivation to improve, we get better. The trick is to stick with the new behaviors long enough that the brain becomes comfortable and proficient with them. This is an area where a company leader has an amazing potential to lead through example.