Praise & Reviews

We at Johnsonville have a moral responsibility to create and maintain an environment that requires each member to fully develop their God-given talents. We achieve this by living the Johnsonville Way and our values, which include respect. Paul’s book inspires us to keep our focus and gives us concrete behaviors for living the attributes of The Respect Effect.
— Ralph Stayer, Owner/CEO, Johnsonville Sausage, LLC

The Respect Effect reminds us of the critical role relationships play in the workforce, and provides a clear roadmap with creative tools for understanding and creating an organizational culture that supports a healthy work environment and promotes long-term success. A great read for new and experienced leaders!
— Annemarie M Grassi, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Open Doors Academy

Truly a guidebook worth the respect it deserves, written in a stellar display of thoughtful counsel. For so many, respect must be learned before it can be earned. Aretha Franklin could spell it, Paul is spelling it out with clarity.
— Daniel Moneypenny, President & CCO, Emaginit

Paul Meshanko challenges leaders to keep respect front and center of their employee engagement strategies. He combines common sense human relations with the science of brain function to propel the reader to take the necessary steps to master respectful behavior.
— Daniel J. Woods, (President and CEO, St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital)

Having incorporated Paul Meshanko’s Respectful Workplace Program into our organization with solid results, I was pleased to learn about this book. Whether read on its own or used in conjunction with the Respect Program, The Respect Effect offers concise, engaging learning, not only for business leaders, but for anyone working in an organization where developing an inclusive and productive work environment is a priority. Respect is a powerful principle for businesses to understand and practice — this book will contribute much to its advancement.
— Rick Chiricosta (President and CEO, Medical Mutual)

Paul takes the concept of respect and turns in into a powerful leadership tool for the business world. By first proving respect's power, economically and psychologically, he lays a foundation for his potent cultural change tools. His blueprint for success is sharp and relevant, and of course, starts with respect for ourselves.
— Dr. Stephen G. Payne (President, Leadership Strategies, Princeton, NJ)

In The Respect Effect, Meshanko puts forth an elegant and powerful thesis on the relationship between respect and employee engagement. He shows how demonstrating respect to employees leads to better health and well-being for both the organization and the individual. Whether you are a supervisor, manager, VP, or small business owner, The Respect Effect will make you a more effective leader.
— Dr. Paul Marciano, Ph.D. ( Author, "Carrots and Sticks Don't Work")

Paul walks the talk. Whether you read his book or see him speak at a conference.
— Hal Becker (Author, "Can I Have 5 Minutes of Your Time", "Lip Service", and "Get What You Want")

Paul Meshanko's analytical approach and insight to the importance of respect, particularly in the workplace is spot on. The Respect Effect takes a deep dive into the brain's response to respectfulness but also shares real world examples of rock star companies that see and appreciate the power of respect. This is great validation for professionals who now have a quantifiable, metric-driven guide to support what they already felt to be true.
— Jim Knight (Former Sr. Director of Training & Development, Hard Rock International)

Having worked with Paul and seen first-hand how he can take a room full of strangers and by the end of the session have a room full of respectful colleagues willing to go the extra mile for anyone in that room is amazing to watch. This book brings together those techniques and expands them to be applicable to any organization around the world. As we become a global economy, understanding respect is going to be the competitive advantage that will move a company from good to best in class.
— Fernando Serpa (Director, Global Diversity and Inclusion, Johnson Controls)

I believe in respect in the workplace. In fact, it is key to successful organizations. Paul Meshanko's book, "The Respect Effect" does an excellent job of concretely describing why it is so critically important.
— Joe McAleese (President & CEO, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC)

Paul Meshanko has focused on a critical but frequently overlooked aspect of leadership behavior. How to lead and engage people with respect to maximize individual and team performance. His message is very relevant in today’s world of global business growth and cross border economies. Paul's focus on respect is helpful not just with employees, but with business colleagues, customers and in our personal life as well.
— Timothy G. Beatty (Vice President, Customer & Product Support, Honeywell Aerospace)